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The love of linen

During the latest heatwave I reached into the wardrobe for something cool to wear  but then remembered the clear out I had at the end of last year. I have a few linen items that had been worn and worn, I'd re-dyed them several times but they really were beyond saving and had to go! I had  of course intended on having a new wardrobe in the spring, as with many well intended jobs it got put on the back burner and forgotten. So this foray into the wardrobe brought two things to mind, firstly I must be more organised and secondly I need to revamp my wardrobe To solve this problem I turned to an old tried and trusted pattern from the Prima magazine, now when I say old we're talking last miillenium old, to be exact 1998 but I love the pattern and more importantly it can be done in a day as it's a very basic shift. It's been made so many times all the adjustments are already on the pattern. I cut out the dress in linen and the lining from cupro (which is breathable and feels like silk on your skin) wonderful. I fit the lining, then the linen, once happy, sew round the neck and then the armholes, finally hem the two and voila done. The heatwave lasted a few days so the dress got a public airing, I love the coolness of the linen and the lining made the days so much more bearable. All too soon the heatwave past but I have not forgotten the need to replace the other linen items,including a perfect pair of drawstring loose linen trousers. Darn it, I made the fatal mistake of throwing them out without taking a pattern from them, so what to do? Well that's easy.... just talk to the brilliant Gill Ford who runs our sewing classes, after explaining my dilema we have decided that we are going to put a mini class together on making linen trousers as I am sure other ladies would like the perfect pair. In August we are planning 2 half days, first half day will be drafting the pattern and choosing the linen , second half day (after washing the linen) making the trousers, anyone want to join us? If you do drop me an e-mail and I will give you all the details. In the mean time I will be making a few linen tops using another trusty Prima pattern as well as Colettes sorbeto pattern which is a free download, although I do recommend the original I haven't had much success with the sleeved version. 

Tip..always line your linen with Cupro (also known as Bremsilk) to reap the full benefits of the linen.

My organisation plans will be shared next time,happy sewing xx


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